About Eyesight Improvement



 In my six year as a Natural Vision Educator I found that, We, common people have no idea about eyes, eyesight improvement and how we see. Any rational mind do not think on eyesight improvement only because they have full faith on doctors. Common people usually have complete faith on allopathic medicine or any type of clinical method which helps to overcome the problem, though it is not permanent solution of the problem. Even we find that most of the eye problem comes after a long time use of spectacles or contact lens. We common people do not understand the source of the problems from where it occurs and how to prevent it. If we follow just 25-30 years back we can find only a very few people was myopic, Hyperopic or had any type of refractiove error. Nowadays, more than 80 percent people of india are suffering in different types of refractive errors.



 Nowadays, we are so much busy with our daily life,work, entertainment that we forget to care our eyes properly for a better eyesight improvement. Everyday we brush our teeth for 5 minutes to clean and for  preventing it from any type of germs, though teeth will not last till the last day of our life. But eyes are more valuable organ than teeth which will last till the last day of our life. There is no substitute of eyes. A man can live many years without teeth easily but cannot live without eyes.



So, we should be more careful about eyes,how it works, how eye problem occurs, how to cure it  and how to live a normal life without any visual aid or any type of surgery.