Natural Eyesight Improvement Success


Somnath Paul , a pioneer in Natural Eyesight Improvement works in Kolkata in three different places.


He started his career as an eye care professional and joined Lions hospital. After a couple of years he realized that conventional treatment for refractive error harms in most cases. He was not much satisfied with the orthodox treatment of prescribing glasses or contact lens for any type of refractive error.


He realized that spectacles or contact lens cannot be a solution for any type of vision problem (refractive error), even spectacles cannot prevent further deterioration.


Later, he contacted with Dr. Prapanna and studied about natural eyesight improvement, a natural process based on alternative system.


He got MCOVT from college of vision education, UK.


He has organized many eye awareness camp and eye awareness program in different parts of India especially in the eastern India.


Alongwith , he is a graduate in psychorientology from Silva international(Lerado, Texas).