Belief About Eyesight


Glasses prevent and cure eye defects


While prescribing glasses patients are made to believe that the use of glasses will prevent the eye defect or check further deterioration; but within a short time they experience that in spite of the use of glasses according to the prescription the sight has gone worse. In 90% of the cases who depend on the use of glasses, the defect in eyesight goes on increasing and the glasses are frequently changed which does not happen if natural vision therapy is done.


Eyesight deteriorate as the age advances


The belief that eyesight deteriorate as the age advances especially when one passes fortieth year is wrong. The eyes are one of the sense organs and needs a good natural vision therapy at times. When other sense organs like ear, nose etc, do not become defective or old as the age advances, then why should the eye? Could nature leave the organ of sight defectively developed when most of the functions of life depended on the eye? Everyone can keep up good eyesight through out life like other senses by the practice of relaxation methods for a few minutes or natural vision therapy. If persons, who find themselves getting presbyopic age, would instead of restoring to glasses, practice reading the finest print they can find, the idea that the eyesight declines as a result of growing old would die a natural death.


Reading of fine print is bad for the eyes


It is general belief that reading of fine print is harmful to the eyes. In fact fine print is a benefit to the eyes while large print is a menace. Reading of fine print, when it can be done without discomfort, has invariably proved to be beneficial, and dimmer the light in which it can be read and closer to the eyes it can be held, the greater the benefit. The reason is that fine print cannot be read in a dim light and close to the eyes unless the eyes are relaxed, whereas large print can be read in a good light and at ordinary reading distance although the eyes may be under a strain. When fine print can be read under adverse conditions is improved vastly. One should read fine print daily in good light and in candle light.